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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

San Deigo

6 Things You Didn’t Know about Submitting an Invited Session to ASHG

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Get your work on the ASHG 2018 program by submitting an invited session proposal!
Here are six things you may not know about the proposal process, including how it benefits your career.

Submitting a session helps boost meeting content in your area.
Wish there was more meeting content on your scientific interests? Invited sessions are a way to get your favorite human genetics topics on the program.

There are dedicated slots for trainee, education, and ELSI sessions.
The invited session slate includes dedicated slots for one session organized and presented by trainees, one focusing on genetics and genomics education, and one on ELSI issues.

Varied session formats are encouraged.
This year, the Program Committee will consider panel and debate style invited session proposals as well as the typical series of four 30-minute talks. Email for help submitting such proposals.

Speakers are provided complimentary registration.
In recognition of their contributions to the meeting, successful invited proposal organizers and speakers will receive complimentary registration.

You can get advice from the Program Committee.
Not sure where to start in constructing your proposal? The Program Committee is ready to help you consider ideas and frame your session appropriately.

Invited sessions help establish you as a thought leader.
By organizing an invited session on your area of expertise, you will connect with other experts as co-presenters, experience diverse perspectives on a topic, and build your reputation.

Invited Proposal Submissions
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